Two Corner Timing is #1 at TimerTrac!
Since our return to TimerTrac at the beginning of 2018, Flow Zero is the top-rated system.

The stock market sometimes goes up, but then it just goes right back down again.
How can you get ahead with that?

The Two Corner Timing model is designed to make money when the market is heading up, to make money when the market is heading down, and even to make money when the market is choppy and trendless. The day-to-day movement is where the action is, and those are the moves that we catch. If you replace buy & hold efforts with Two Corner Timing, you can:

Our model tracks the current market trend, and gauges the strength of moves with and against that trend. It changes quickly, because the market moves quickly. We're not predicting the next big move - we're tracking every move.

Compare the growth of $10,000 invested at our first live Quick Zero signal on 2009-03-27, as of 2021-05-14.
Two Corner Timing$41,824Buy & Hold$107,019
Percent gain in the last 12 months
Two Corner Timing+23%Buy & Hold+47%
Quick Time Out Quick Zero Quick Zero T3
Two Corner Timing Quick Zero has posted gains 21 years out of 22, and beaten the market 15 years, with only 69% of days in the market.

Theoretical results from an investment in the Nasdaq 100 index, not including commissions or other costs.
Includes backtested results from 1999-06-04 to 2009-03-26.

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