Privacy Policy

If you're bothering to read this, it's clear you care about your privacy. So do we. Two Corner Timing LLC is committed to complete protection of your privacy. We will never share any customer information with anyone, except as required by law or if needed in order to protect our own legal interests. We have no affiliates to share with, so you don't need to worry about other companies with looser policies getting your personal information.

Information we collect

We require that you supply your name, and you need an email address to receive signals. All other identifying information is optional. You may supply a phone number, which will only be used to contact you in the unlikely case that email isn't available.

Information others collect

Payment information is collected by our payment processor, Braintree, not directly by Two Corner Timing LLC. We have some limited access to allow account management (notably, expiration date and last 4 digits of your credit card number) and even that is never stored on our servers. Braintree (a division of PayPal) has their own privacy policy governing such information.


We do not keep your password, but only a secure hash that can be compared to the password you enter when you log in. This means your password can never be divulged, even to you. For the possibility that you forget your password, you should provide a security question and answer that will allow you to automatically reset your password and have a new temporary password emailed to you. The question and answer are optional, and their contents are entirely up to you. The answer, like the password, cannot be directly retrieved but only checked.

When we will contact you

We will use the email address you supply chiefly to send signal updates. We will also email if there is a problem with your account, and we may occasionally send general emails about site operations and ideas about the Two Corner signals. We will never send commercial emails, even about our own products. Our communication is always intended for customer service, never for sales.

We will only contact by a method other than email (i.e. phone or address you may optionally supply) if your email address stops working, and then only to get a working email address. Of course if you call us, we will likely call back.

If someone contacts you purporting to be from Two Corner Timing and asks for your password or credit card number, it isn't us. Never trust anyone making an unsolicited request for such information.

External sites

While payment information looks like it's entered onto our site, it's actually a separate frame directed to Braintree (see "Information others collect" above). All other connections to external sites are clearly marked links; at this time the only such site is TimerTrac. If links to other sites are added, this Policy will be updated to include them.


We use web cookies to keep track of login sessions. The cookie can only be used for access to the member pages, and will be removed from your computer when you log out or when you quit your browser. If you select the "stay logged in" box, the cookie will remain on your computer until you log out.

Secure Server

All access to the website is via Transport Layer Security (also known as "SSL" or "https"). This means that all content is encrypted between our server and your browser. While no communication channel can be perfectly secure, SSL is the standard you should expect from any site that handles your personal data.

Email is not a secure protocol, but is necessary for any direct communication. Keep that in mind and avoid including any confidential information in email communication. If you should forget your password we will send a new one via email, but it is a temporary password that is only valid until you enter a new one of your own.

Information We Keep

Our website keeps standard logs, including the IP address, time, and associated login sessions of all access. We keep these logs for up to a year to aid in site maintenance and security. We also keep online backups of emails for a year. We keep offline backups indefnitely, securely stored and encrypted. Like other personally identifying information, these logs and emails will never be divulged to a third party unless legally required. When you cancel your account it is still kept on our servers, for your own use should you wish to re-enable a lapsed account; we will fully remove account information (except backups) on request.